When it comes to illuminated signs, there are various types to choose from – from individual back lit lettering to fully printed light boxes. Some need a light source, while others involve the use of reflective materials. However, they all give your signage a vibrant look.

  • Light boxes
  • LED signs
  • Back lit displays
  • Edge lit signs

Illuminated Monolith Signs

Illuminated monolith signs for display homes and entry statements create unique signage with 24-hour exposure, all day and night. Monolith signs are fabricated with opal acrylic lettering, which is LED Back-lit on both sides of the sign. The main face of a monolith is ACP finished with 2Pac coat, a finish that provides protection and longevity from direct sunlight. LED technology offers advanced and creative ways for maximum exposure. Illuminated monolith signs are extremely weatherproof, lasting for years in exposed conditions.

Imagesource offer installation and connection, using fully licensed electricians.

Light Boxes

LED Fabric Light Boxes

Imagesource specialise in fabric-faced LED light boxes, illuminated with edge lit LED strips. Fabric printed graphics are ideal for our LED light boxes allowing for fantastic colour intensity and accuracy. Our back lit shimmer fabric is non-reflective, lightweight and ideal for the LED light box displays.

Extruded Aluminium Light Boxes

Imagesource manufacture light boxes, designed to be edge lit or back lit for retail displays or double sided for an under awning or wall mounted light box. Flex face illuminated vinyl skins are an option for land development and external sales office light boxes, where the graphics are designed to be interchangeable. Our fully welded extruded aluminium light boxes are built to resist Western Australian conditions. Each box is painted with a 2Pac finish, which offers a wide range of colour options and optimum protection from the elements.

Acrylic Light Boxes

Digitally printed translucent graphics illuminated with opal acrylic or polycarbonate faces. These light boxes are an extremely flexible format that are custom built to specification. The appeal of this light box sign comes from its versatility in customisation and their aesthetic power. Even though there’s a common assumption that light boxes are solely for exterior purposes, they can also be used on the interior too.

Pan Light Boxes

With a fabricated frame and aluminium composite face and returns, these light boxes can be built to almost any size and shape. Ideally suited for push-through or intricate lettering and logos. Pan light boxes offer great design freedom.


  • 4.5mm opal acrylic is the go-to product, giving a great balance between optical properties such as light diffusion, UV stability and strength. Single piece faces up to 1800 x 3050mm are achievable, with larger faces needing multiple sheets.
  • 4.5 opal polycarbonate for larger faces, or where impact resistance is a primary concern. Polycarbonate is more expensive than acrylic, and while tougher, has lower scratch resistance.
  • Flex face vinyl light boxes are always custom created to suit the design.
  • Intricate faces in 3mm aluminium composite are carefully cut to the design. Combined with opal backing, or optional push through lettering these shapes give a wide range of effects and flexibility to the design. 
Imagesource produced and installed this Telethon illuminated sky sign for Seven West Media at their Osborne Park address in Perth
Digitally cut into metal and illuminated from the back reception sign for Adzoo Perth by Imagesource
Mineral Resources Limited illuminated sky sign produced by Imagesource Perth
Illuminated light box signage printed, finished and installed by Imagesource for Byford Discount Drug Store
This digitally cut metal signage was produced for BGC by Imagesource.
Back lit and edge lit fabric banner Imagesource have printed and installed for Seven West Media Perth
Illuminated sign for for Osteria Restaurant in North Perth printed, produced and installed by Imagesource
Mak Mak Thai Eatery illuminated light box sign produced and installed by Imagesource Perth
The Imagesource signage installation team working on the the new light box illuminated sign for Sistas restaurant
Imagesource can source custom made neon signage for your business. This "Have a Brew-tiful Day" neon sign was produced for the City of Joondalup
Back lit ACM signage by Imagesource Perth for the windows at Ascot Vet glowing into the evening
The Imagesource produced and installed light box illuminated sign for Sistas Mindarie restaurant
Wall graphics for The Patriots Sports Bar in Perth were printed and installed by Imagesource.
The Mineral Resources Limited building is illuminated with several sky sign light boxes produced and installed by Imagesource - such as the north face light box pictured here
Imagesource are Perth's best signage and print company with over 20 years industry experience
Imagesource produced this illuminated sign for the Seven West box at Optus Stadium

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