Standard paper sizes fit within standard envelope sizes. C series envelopes are designed to hold standard A series paper when unfolded – i.e C4 for A4; C5 for A5 etc. Smaller C series envelopes may be used for folded A series paper.

B series envelopes are suitable for larger quantities of A4 paper, bulky items, or larger sheets that will not fit neatly into C series envelopes.

DL envelopes are designed to hold an A4 sheet of paper folded twice to DL size. A DLX envelope 235mmW x 120mmH can hold the DL envelope (usually used when a DL reply paid envelope is included in a mail out).

Imagesource can print directly onto envelopes and we offer variable data services.

small format printing - Our most common envelope sizes for printing are available for download

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