Here at Imagesource, “presentation is everything” when it comes to the finishing and completion of every job we process.

Our range of unique specialty finishing options gives you the chance to add that extra special touch to your finished project – whether it be something from our selection of unique laminates, a sturdy binding option for your documents, or a completely customised digital-cut process for your display. We have it all!

Digital Cutting

Enter the wide world of digital router cutting – the possibilities for your custom-shaped signage are endless! Our precision laser-cutting plot equipment will allow even the most intricate and detailed of cut paths to be completed with precision and accuracy. With the ability to cut, plot and score all with one state-of-the-art machine, we can accomplish ‘almost’ the impossible in custom signage – with an impressively quick turnaround time.


Our Digital Cutting Services are suitable for:

  • Shopfront and fascia signage
  • Window displays
  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Shelving and stands
  • Tables & bench surfaces
  • Promotional objects & Items
  • Top-cut vinyl stickers

Stocks and Materials

Our Scanning & Imaging services are available for:

  • Converting your hardcopy documents & images to digital files
  • Printing & Copying your hardcopy documents & images.

Your One Stop Printing Solution

Laminating & Mounting

Imagesource’s Laminating and Mounting services have got you ‘covered’. Laminating is a great way to enhance your printed material, whether it be a batch of business cards or a large-scale outdoor shop sign. And with the wide range of substrates we have available, we can mount your printed material onto practically anything. Not only does it look great, Laminating and Mounting also protects and strengthens, and will extend the life of your printed material. With the option of our hot or cold laminate presses, we can laminate almost any type of paper, material or substrate. Plus, our rollers allow us to mount large widths of prints and vinyl with ease.

Hot Laminating
Our Hot Laminators use a unique plastic film with an adhesive resin backing. It is applied to the print/substrate surface using hot rollers that distribute an even heat. This melts the adhesive resin backing and applies it smoothly and evenly to the surface, hardening slightly as it cools. This is available in gloss, matte and satin finishes, and also comes in a UV protective option which is ideal for outdoor signage. Hot Laminating is available up to 1000mm wide.

Cold Laminating
Our Cold Laminators use a plastic film that has an adhesive backing, which is applied to the print/substrates using a large rolling machine. Great for laminating inkjet prints and materials that may be sensitive or damaged by hot roll laminating. This is available in gloss, matte and satin finishes, and also comes in a UV protective option which is ideal for outdoor signage. Cold Laminating is available up to 1500mm wide.

Our Mounting equipment allows us to mount even the largest of substrates with ease. Whether it be a print, cut-vinyl, or even canvas stretching, we can facilitate every mounting project from start to finish. Choose from a large selection of substrates to mount to, depending on what you require we have a substrate to suit:


If it’s Binding you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Our binding selection and capabilities exceed the norm – the binding equipment and materials we posses allow us to carry out the entire spectrum of binding, from the lightest of lightweight to large volume and heavy duty. As well as everything inbetween.


  • General Stapling & Saddle Stitching
  • Plastic Comb Binding
  • Wire Binding
  • Velo Binding
  • PUR Perfect Binding
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