Imagesource can replicate the exact quality of your original documents. We can also enhance them and reproduce them to be better than the original!

Scanning, Imaging, Copying

With high resolution photo-quality precision and brilliant colour reproduction, we have the equipment to cover all of your scanning & imaging needs.


Our Scanning & Imaging Services feature:

  • Size enlarging and reducing for all scanning platforms
  • High definition print quality & detail
  • Microfilm and negative scanning
  • File converting to many different digital formats & supplied on CD


We precisely capture the quality of your original photo- graphs and negatives and make them better! Produce high-resolution scans with immaculate detail.


Imagesource meet ISO 15926 Global Standard for the in- tegration of data. We can scan all forms of documentation with Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR). Automatic digital retouching restores optimum quality, and we can burn your converted files to CD

Stocks and Materials

Our Scanning & Imaging services are
available for:

  • Converting your hardcopy documents & images to digital files
  • Printing & Copying your hardcopy documents & images.


With the ability to scan up to A0 size, our large format scanners are ideal for maps, plans and technical draw- ings. Paying great attention to linear values, we can repli- cate consistent line weights and colours with precision.


We can scan & digitalise everything from film-based photos to newspaper, cheque and blueprint microfilms. Immortalise them with high quality instant digitalisation and print ability.

Your One Stop Printing Solution

Plan Printing

Imagesource is well known to architects, engineers, town planners, landscape architects, surveyors and other design professionals who need a plan printing service on demand. And after many years of experience we are used to meeting challenging details without compromising quality. Our digital technology ensures the provision of sharp linear values and improved accuracy through consistent line weight and colour


Our Plan Printing Services are suitable for:

  • Plan Printing
  • Map Printing
  • Blueprinting Printing
  • Technical Drawing Printing
  • Autocad and PDF file Printing
  • Architectural and Engineering Document Printing
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